Saturday, 27 February 2016

Europe Trip Diary entry #3

Hello everyone! 

My life here has slowed down slightly after the excitement of new places and new beginnings!

Tamsin and I have been super busy and unfortunately haven't been able to spend much time up the mountain.  I have also managed to catch a horrible cold so have spent my days off over the weekend recouperating which includes Netflix, hot chocolates and naps.  Naps seem to be a very regular thing amongst the seasonaires here.  Seasonaires are the people who stay and work here for the winter season.

I have, since I last spoke to you managed to have a few nights out and enjoy the nightlife out here which is really good.  I have also met a few really lovely people here and made some friends which makes this part of the world slightly less daunting and more like home.

I have been away for a month today! That seems really crazy as I feel like it's gone so quickly.  For those of you who didn't think I could survive out of the family home! I've made it this far haven't I! Tamsin and I have have maintained a tidy apartment, cooked almost every single one of our dinners at home and done boring adult stuff like cleaning and doing a load of washing.  I'm pretty chuffed with how we've coped so far.  

I also booked my flights to Sardinia, an island of the coast of Italy.  In Sardinia I will be doing a working stay for a riding centre which has trekking and a riding school.  I'm looking forward to be working with horses again and exploring the beautiful Sardinian beaches.  

Here is the view from my skylight in my bedroom.

The beach near my working stay I will be going to in mid April

I hope you enjoyed my little update.  I apologise that it is not the most exciting one, I admit.  But the news of my working stay placement is exciting.  This will give me lots of things to write about.

Love you all,
Till next time, 
Megan Cook.

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Sunday, 14 February 2016

Europe Trip Diary Entry #2 13th Feb

I've arrived in Morzine! 

It's lovely here and I have enjoyed my first week.  It's a nice, quant little town and I have enjoyed the low key lifestyle and friendly faces.  Tamsin and I have settled into our little flat and have done a few food shops and even managed to go skiing a couple times.  I am just learning to ski but am already feeling relatively confident on the green and the occasional blue runs.

It is definitely quite a few degrees cooler here than back home although I have packed so that I am well equipped for the harsh French winter (apart from snow boots, which I have since purchased.) It's quite refreshing to wake up and walk outside to the cold crisp air and it's incredibly beautiful to be walking in a winter wonderland with snow all around.  

Here are some photos of my adventures around the town.

So I hope you enjoyed my little update! I apologise for last weeks post being so late!  I thought I had posted it but clearly not! Anyway, see you next week with another post!

Love you all,
Till next time, 
Megan Cook.

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Sunday, 7 February 2016

Europe Trip Diary Entry #1

Hello everyone! I have arrived in Europe after a very unpleasant 36 hour flight!

The trip so far has been great. We landed at about 6:30 am (Uk time).  I am staying at my friend Tamsins grandparents house which we arrived at around 7:30am.  Once we arrived I introduced myself to her lovely grandparents and got settled into the room I am now writing to you from.

We spent the day unpacking and sorting through things.  We went for a short walk around the local Bramhall park for a breath of fresh air.  We fought our exhaustion and jet lag and managed to stay up until around 7:00pm when we both headed straight to bed to crash.

Bramall Hall

When we woke up the morning after it was around 8:00am and we headed down for some breakfast.  I tried some British cereal which I loved.  We then headed out for the day and took a big red double decker bus to Stockport to do some sneaky shopping in Primark, Claire's and Boots before picking up a sim card at 3.  We then caught another bus to Tamsins other grandmother for a nice family dinner with some delicious Lasagne.  

The next morning we headed to London on the train which departed Stockport at 10:40am.  Tamsin and I had a great gossip session on the journey there while taking in the English country side for the first time.  We arrived in London around midday and made our way on the London Underground to kings cross station to meet Nathan, Tamsins boyfriend.  All three of us ventured through London to visit Green park first as we made our way through to Buckingham palace.  After taking a few snaps at the gates we decided to walk down The Mall and see all of the royals and important political figures mansions.  We then veered near the Thames to visit the London eye and Big Ben.  We also walked past 10 Downing Street where the British prime minister lives and on to Trafalger square.  

Buckingham Palace

The guards on horseback

Trafalgar Square 

Trafalger square at sunset

Big Ben 

Kings Cross train station

After that we walked around to Picadilly circus to see the billboards and to visit Hamleys toy store.  We visited every inch of the five floor store and also queued up to build a bear in which I chose to build Toothless from How To Train a Dragon.  We then headed towards the Hard Rock Cafe where we got lost for several minutes and ended up walking around aimlessly momentarily until we stumbled across it.  The Hard Rock Cafe was far to busy for our liking and as we had been walking for such a long time and were absolutely knackered we headed to the hotel instead.

We slept deeply in our cosy hotel room located right in kings cross, an ideal location for tourists.  We grabbed a maccas breakfast before heading to the London bridge to visit the bridge and the Tower of London.  As Nathan was leaving early and wasn't to fussed on the tower bridge tour we skipped it as the lines were to long.  We then took the tube to Madame Tausauds to visit the wax figures.  We took plenty of selfies with the likes of  Beyonce, Princess Diana, Audrey Hepburn, Zoe Sugg and Aflie Deyys.  This was very cool as we also went on a rollercoaster cab ride and watched a 4D movie.  After this we headed to wish Nathan goodbye as he was to leave back to Hull at 3:00pm.  Tamsin and I with a few spare hours to kill decided to do the London bridge tour.  The top of the London bridge provided us of some great photo opportunities due to its fantastic views of London.  

Me and Audrey Hepburn

Princess Dianna 

Me with Zoe Sugg and Alfie Deyys

View from the London bridge

London bridge lit up

Me at the top of the London bridge

In the evening we took the tube back to London, Eusten train station in order to board our train back to Mahcester.

And now the following day after I sit here writing my blog posts and packing my bags in preparation for my departure to Morzine on Tuesday.

Well I hope you enjoyed this recap of my first few days on my European trip.  Stay tuned for more as I will hopefully be updating you on my travels about a couple times a week.  

Love you all,
Till next time, 
Megan Cook.

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